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Lucy B

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Type-2 diabetes
When did you switch to the vegan/plant-based diet?

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Thirty six years ago, I would have died. I was only 44 years old and had just been diagnosed with severe heart disease, high blood pressure, Thyroid Cancer, pre diabetes and I was almost 55 lbs. overweight. I was an aerobic instructor teaching 25 classes of aerobics per week. I thought I was eating a healthy diet of chicken, cheese, yogurt and ice cream. Luckily for me, my then new neighbor told me about Dr. John McDougall and I read his book. I could not believe that his patients were all getting over cancer, heart disease, diabetes and all chronic diseases. I jumped right in and never went back for more radiation and now I have perfect health. I just had to change to a starch based, whole food plant exclusive diet without oil. Now, at 80 I have great health and energy and still teach aerobics.

I have been vegan 10 years and 3-4 years whole food plant based. I have lost 140 lb over the past 10 years and came off 3 blood pressure medicines and 3 diabetes medicines.

Hi Peter,
It is nice connecting with you. My journey started with a near heart attack. I was rushed to hospital and had to have a stent placed in my 95 % clogged LDA. I researched how to control my own health and googled till I found a school that taught not only health my whole body wellness. I graduated a year later from IIN. During that time my adult son developed a severe infection from the hospital where he had surgery. He was dying…I put together a health plan/diet for him and his Dr. pointed to me in an office visit with my son and said, “YOU saved your sons life…just keep this to yourself and don’t tell his don’t tell his endocrinologist”. The Dr. asked me what I had done and I gave him a nonprofessional list which he red and put in my sons folder. This led me to further studies with T.Colin Campbell, Dr. Esselstyne, reading Gregor, Ornish, Klaper, McDougle, and being accepted at Dr. Neil Barnard’s training as a Food for Life instructor. I continued to learn Plant based cooking from Rouxbe Cooking school as a Professional Plant Based Cook and Forks Over Knives Cook. Inbeteeen I heard of Hippocrates Health Institute. Having a past career in Sales/Global Dir. Of Education/Shows and Marketing…the wellness concept of health became a natural draw to me. I have taught health/nutrition to groups and will continue to spread my knowledge and expand my further wellness into facets of not only nutrition for general wellness but for individuals health making it more personal. What this will grow into and expand I don’t know…but saving my sons life, being healthy myself, lowering others blood pressure, weight loss etc. is more gratification than I expected when I began my journey in 2011. I’ve expanded from personal wellness to caring about animals and our environment. Much more to do, learn & share

Started WFPB diet two months ago. My husband joined Ar Pratiksha group and started getting her counselling. Feeling better now. Blood sugar is almost under control

Had fatty liver and poor digestive system. Met Ar Pratiksha ji in a group. Started following her advice to have WFPB diet. No tea or coffee since 1st December 2021. Feeling better

I’m the UKs only food Safety Vegan consultant. I help prepare Vegan food and drink manufacturers sell product to retailers.

I feel more people who believe in god will find VEganism remind them of the most improtant part of faith. Love.

We switched to WFPBNO during mid-2020 and have experienced remarkable transformation. I have lost 70+ lbs, reduced inflammation by 80%, cut LDL by 60%, A1C from 6.4 to 5.4 and eyesight improved from -5.0 to -3.5. My sleep apnea almost gone

I’m 65 and I find that I still have a lot of energy. I do vigorous hiking and I still love competitive sports.

By Bob & Fran German

We are both in our 80’s & all about healthy aging with a whole food plant-based eating lifestyle! We have two stories to tell.

Fran’s story …

In 1992 I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis & told that it was incurable, I’d have to be on drugs for the rest of my life, and that my lifespan would be shortened. I was prescribed prednisone & Mestinon and was told that there wasn’t much else that could be done.  I suffered from severe double vision, had difficulty with my speech and swallowing, and at times I was extremely weak.

Over the next 14 years, I saw 11 different neurologists! Not one suggested a change in lifestyle, including diet, as a possible remedy.

Then, in 2006, I heard a nutritionist speak.  He explained that eating animal products compromise the immune system and recommended that patients with any autoimmune disease switch to a whole food plant-based diet.  I immediately did so and in just a few months I was off all medications and no longer had any symptoms!

It is now 15 years later and I feel safe in saying that I no longer have this ‘incurable’ disease and take no medicines at all!

Bob’s story …

In 2006, I learned that I had a small tumor on the outside of my left kidney.  My urologist advised me to have it removed asap. I had cryoablation surgery, a procedure that froze the tumor off. Unfortunately, it turned out to be malignant.

The surgeon said he got the entire growth but explained that this type of tumor has been known to return. He never brought up the idea of changing what I ate could help prevent a recurrence of my cancer.

I also adopted a whole food plant-based diet as a means of prevention and have been cancer-free for 15 years! WFPB is the way to go!

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With good planning, a little guidance from a knowledgeable professional and an understanding of what makes up a healthy, balanced plant-based diet, I’ve been able to improve many aspects of my health and fitness in the last 3 years. Contrary to general belief, one can get all the nutrients your body needs without having to resort to meat and dairy. It’s been an amazing transformation and I’happy to share it with you all.

I have been plant based for nearly eight years. I previously had high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, I was 80 pounds overweight and had four heart procedures. My blood pressure is normal, my lipids are now excellent and I lost 70 of the 80 pounds. My type 2 diabetes is much better controlled and my life is much better than it was when I gave up animal products.

I was overweight all my life. My family always shamed me for being fat, even though I wasn’t especially by todays standards. I struggled with weight loss but could never get the extra 50 pounds off. My cholesterol and triglycerides were off the charts, yet I did not want to take meds, Once I changed to a WFPB no SOS diet I lost the weight and my bloodwork normalized. I used to work out every day, I participated in vigorous activities like backpacking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and climbing the highest mountain in Colorado, yet the weight loss only came after changing my diet.

WFPB and SOS 2.5 years. Diabetes A1C 14 to 5.9. Weight 244.5 to 166.0 Healthy blood pressure, sugars, and cholesterol. Feel and look better, at the age 67 then I have in 40 years. Thankful to God!


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