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Together we are creating a healthy, happy vegan & plant-based world.

We're Growing a Community

We are creating a healthy, happy vegan & plant-based world by empowering everyone to be better ambassadors.

weDIDit.Health is a growing community of vegan & plant-based consumers and professionals serving as ambassadors for better health, preventing needless animal suffering, and healing our planet.

No matter how you came to this way of living, we’re here to support and encourage you through community and resources that can help you be a more effective ambassador - planting seeds of hope in those you encounter.


We offer a GrassRoots Ambassador Certification empowering passionate Vegan & Plant-Based consumers and professionals with communication and relationship techniques so they can confidently step into any opportunity to inspire hopeful curiosity.  

The certification badge can boost visibility and credibility. Some of our Ambassadors have used the certification to launch new careers or businesses that align with vegan & plant-based living. Others have found it helpful in their daily interactions as they become better communicators and advocates for their passion – humanity, animals, the planet, or all three.

How weDIDit.Health is Making a Difference

The primary problem we are here to solve has two significant aspects.

  • While vegan and plant-based principles have been around for over 75 years, there is still minimal traction. At weDIDit.Health, we want this movement to reach its full potential to improve human health, ensure animal justice, environmental healing, and eliminate world hunger. It’s time for a fresh, new creative approach.
  • Most of us, as ambassadors for the lifestyle, are frustrated with our attempts to inspire people, especially friends and loved ones, to be healthy, have compassion for animals, the environment, and world hunger.
  • We have a solution that addresses both problems. We believe building a knowledge and learning community will reveal better practices for planting seeds that inspire hopeful curiosity in others. When we all can be more effective ambassadors, we will, together, move the needle!

Peter Goldstein, Founder and Chief Synergy Officer

Peter Goldstein wants to change lives. As a lifelong advocate of personal power and conscious practices, he is a leader in education and support for those adopting a vegan & whole food, plant-based lifestyle.

With a background as a former CEO of technology and software systems company he has gleaned a mounting body of evidence that as much as 75% of healthcare costs in the US can be saved and the associated human pain and suffering eliminated by simply changing to a plant-based lifestyle. 

Peter’s passion and mission is providing the tools to ignite curiosity in our friends and loved ones about the benefits of consuming a whole-foods, plant-based diet. As the creator of weDIDit.Health, he is building a global platform of learning and community support, partnering with other vegan & plant-based organizations and key figures to amplify the voices of all who are working to improve human health, help animals, and heal the planet.

He and his team have developed a GrassRoots Ambassador Certification program to empower Vegan & WFPB consumers and enthusiasts to be more effective ambassadors. The numbers mount daily, thanks to his scoreboard where those who have benefitted from a vegan & plant-based lifestyle share their comments at https://wedidit.health

Peter has been animal-product free since 2006, and since 2013, he has been a leader in providing education and support for people starting a plant-based lifestyle through his organizations Hippocrates Table, Hippocrates Docs, and MasterMinds 4 Wellness.

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