Why is Community so Important for Vegan Businesses? Sam Roblett


Sam Roblett, founder of Chaos Into Calm, an online business management service says there is strength in community. This mantra led to the formation of Vegan Business Networking, bringing vegan businesses together to build connections, support one another, and accelerate the vegan movement. Sam brings leadership experience from corporate and educational worlds with the overarching focus on encouraging people to work together around a shared purpose. In this program Sam will share: · Why community is important for business success. · Why consider building your own community · Why the vegan business community is different In 2020 Sam founded Vegan Business Networking which has grown into a global community of more 5000 vegan businesses. With groups on Facebook and LinkedIn as well as regular online networking sessions the group has grown to encompass both B2C and B2B businesses from the traditional vegan businesses such as food producers and restaurants to vegan pest control, financial advisors to software engineers.