Special Launch of Passion Pod Community


“Special Launch of Passion Pod Community” Passion Pods – What topics are you passionate about? We will be unveiling a new feature of the Plant-Based Thrive and Inspire Community – Passion Pods. Join and be part of the launch of this exciting community where you will be able to synergize and network with others who share your passion in Passion Pods. Pods (groups) allow members to focus on specific topics for discussion, interaction, and learning. Topics include everything broad or specific, dealing with the emotional stress of being a vegan advocate, children and families, any specific health issues, climate solutions…. You name it! If we don’t yet have a Pod for your passion and interest, help create one. Passion Pods are a place to: Learn about how you can be a Professional Pod Leader on your passion areas. Engage with knowledgeable professionals. Find like-minded others with the same passion. Share your knowledge with others. Learn more about your passion from others. Find resources, ideas and unique events. Have fun!