Talk Dirt with Paige – Compost!


TALK DIRT WITH PAIGE – COMPOST! Paige Parsons Roache first went vegan for the environment, only to quickly add animal activism and awareness to her life’s work. Now she’s talking dirty – when it comes to compost, that is. She teaches composting and soil health as an educator for Full Circle Compost, a Topanga based nonprofit dedicated to reversing global warming by reducing waste from landfills, drawing down CO2 emissions through composting, and soil regeneration. Paige was first shocked by the amount of water it takes to put a hamburger on a plant, then the realization that animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation and climate change. Active in television production and with her own cooking show, she now teaches community groups, school children and individuals how to turn food scraps into dirty gold. Plus, bringing communities together around sustainability and zero waste can be fun, informative, and meaningful. Join us as Paige shares: The value of composting food scraps into soil How to create your own compost to soil system How to sprout seeds/veggie to start your own garden.