Understanding Veganic (Plant-Based) Gardening & Farming, Jimmy Videle


Understanding Veganic (Plant-Based) Gardening & Farming Farmer, activist, consultant, and researcher Jimmy Videle has been growing his own food and homesteading for over 25 years and became a professional full-time organic farmer in 2005. He worked and consulted on 11 organic and permaculture farms throughout Hawaii, Mexico, Central America, South America, and Québec before settling at his current home in Boileau, Québec in 2014. He is the author of The Veganic Grower’s Handbook: Cultivating Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs from Urban Backyard to Rural Farmyard, the host of The Veganic Grower’s Hour YouTube show and the co-founder of the North American Veganic Certification Standard (NAVCS). Jimmy will discuss: How veganic gardening can regenerate soils Cultivating for the benefit of all beings Ending animal agriculture forever