Inspiring Hopeful Curiosity for Climate Healing, Dr Sailesh Rao


“Inspiring Hopeful Curiosity for Climate Healing.” Healing the entire planet can seem like an overwhelming goal, but there is hope. Join us as Dr. Sailesh Rao, Founder and Executive Director of Climate Healers, inspires us with his Climate Bathtub model to help humanity understand reversing climate change and enabling a thriving planet. Dr. Rao’s vision is one where humanity will transform as people stop eating the animals, not just for ethical reasons, but ecological necessity. Otherwise, our planet will continue overheat, affecting our weather patterns and eco systems, and ultimately all living things. Dr. Rao is a systems engineer, Human, Earth and Animal Liberation (HEAL) activist, husband, dad and grandfather focused on self-healing and nonviolence. Climate Healers:

Lives Impacted: 3,301

A Plant-Based Lifestyle has helped with:

Anxiety : 1,048 Arthritis : 749 Autoimmune disease : 499 Blood Pressure : 1,082 Cancer : 236 Cardiovascular Disease : 423 Cholesterol &/or Triglycerides : 1,296 Depression : 918 Digestive Health : 1,767 Energy Levels : 1,914 HGB A1C : 360 Pre-Diabetes : 405 Prescriptions : 519 Sexual Performance : 457 Skin Health Issues : 1,057 Sleep : 1,140 Type-2 diabetes : 203 Weight-loss : 1,826 Women's Health Issues : 587