Just 1 Thing 4 Health [Dr. Chris Miller] Technique to reduce stress immediately


Hippocrates Docs is joined by Dr. Chris Miller on How Breath Work Reduces Stress. Dr. Christina Miller shares that with our busy and stressful lives, we often stay in stress when we don’t know how to release it. In her challenge video, she shares a proven deep breathing technique that when done daily, can immediately reduce stress. We challenge you to do this not just for a week, but for a lifetime. YOUR CHALLENGE: Practice Breath Work by doing one round of six slow deep breaths in and out at least once a day. It only takes 1 minute to do this technique to reduce stress and anxiety, common causes of breast cancer. Dr. Miller recently joined Hippocrates Docs in collaboration with Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (“PCRM”) to share, connect, and give you answers in her Dialogue segment of the RADIANT HEALTH DIALOGUES Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention SUMMIT. Her dialogue topic: “Stress and Breast Cancer: The Mind Body Connection.” Christina Miller, MD, FACEP, is board-certified in emergency and integrative medicine. After spending ten years in the emergency department and serving as president of Colorado ACEP (American College of Emergency Physicians), she radically changed her practice to health promotion, due to her own health concerns and being overwhelmed by the amount of chronic disease and illness seen in the ED. She continues her work today as a Lifestyle Medicine Doctor, teaching her patients that a healthy lifestyle includes the right nutrient dense foods, exercise, stress management, and having fun. Enjoying life and having fun can happen, even with your work towards a healthy lifestyle. Hippocrates Docs and PCRM challenge you to join us in the Let’s Beat Breast Cancer Initiative. Implement these 4 steps to reduce the risks of Breast Cancer and to help in healing: choose plant-based foods, exercise, limit alcohol, and aim for a healthy weight.