Just 1 Thing 4 Health [Dr. Rizwan Bukhari] Soya food -Eating Soya food is good or bad?


Dr. Riz Bukhari speaks about Soy… To Soy or Not to Soy, That Is The Question! and explains the confusion around consuming soy. There have been assumptions that because soy contains plant estrogens, that it can be harmful like mammalian estrogens. Dr. Riz shares the scientific evidence that not only is soy good for women, it’s good for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and those who are cancer survivors because it can prevent reoccurrence. It has also been shown that consuming soy on a regular basis can decrease mortality associated with cancer in both men, women and children, in all stages. Dr. Bukhari recently joined Hippocrates Docs in collaboration with Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (“PCRM”) to share, connect, and give you answers in his Dialogue segment of the RADIANT HEALTH DIALOGUES Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention SUMMIT. His Topic: “The Soy Paradox – Is it good or bad for you?” was scientifically informative. YOUR CHALLENGE: Eat 2 to 3 servings of whole soy products on a daily basis. Consuming edamame, miso, natto, tempeh, minimally processed tofu and soy milk can prevent and reduce breast cancer. Hippocrates Docs and PCRM challenge you to join us in the Let’s Beat Breast Cancer Initiative. Implement these 4 steps to reduce the risks of Breast Cancer and to help in healing: choose plant-based foods, exercise, limit alcohol, and aim for a healthy weight.