Healing Relationship Breakdowns: Relational Skills for Vegans with Dr. Angela Crawford

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy new year. Relationships are a very important element of our life, and are directly connected to our well-being and mental health. However, vegans and plant-based enthusiasts often face relationship challenges as we live a lifestyle not yet embraced by the larger society. Some of us experience conflict or relationship breakdowns when others do not support, embrace, or align with our vegan values and lifestyle. Discovering how to create and sustain healthy relationships is key to our thriving as vegans. Join us as we address this important topic in our series on Healing Relationships. Our first keynote of this series is on January 7, 2023 at 12pm ET, with our very special guest, Angela Crawford, Ph.D. Dr. Angela Crawford has over two decades of experience as a licensed psychologist, helping clients make lifestyle changes to achieve better physical, mental, and emotional health. She is experienced in individual and group psychotherapy, meditation and visualization techniques, transformational approaches, communication skills, and trauma therapies. She is passionate about sharing the benefits of a plant-powered, vegan lifestyle for human health and mental health, caring for all sentient beings, and the planet. She holds certifications as a transformational coach, master vegan lifestyle coach and educator, and in plant-based nutrition. Dr. Crawford is currently conducting research for a book on the transformational impact of veganism for mind-body-spirit. She offers coaching programs to empower women to emotionally thrive with a plant-powered, vegan lifestyle. She serves as a Psychology Advisor for WeDIDIt.Health and facilitates support groups for the WDI Thrive and Inspire Community. She authored the e-book 7 Best Practices to Inspire Your Loved Ones to Go Plant-Based.