Dr. Leigh Ettinger, Plant-Centric Nutrition Basics for All Ages


Make this a family affair! Raising children in a plant-based or vegan home may sound extreme. But Dr. Leigh Ettinger says otherwise. Join us as he breaks it down when it comes to the benefits for all ages to eat a whole-foods plant-based diet. He will be talking about the basics of nutrition with a plant-centric focus and invites parents and children to watch together. Dr. Ettinger is a pediatric kidney specialist for nearly 20 years. When he learned about wfpb diet in 2014 his own eating yielded great results! He earned the eCornell Certificate in Plant-based Nutrition in 2016. In 2017 he joined the staff of his hospital’s pediatric weight management program. In May 2019, he became a Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine. In 2021 he founded the Doctor Herbivore telemedicine practice, which accepts practice members living in NY and NJ ages 2-21 with obesity for a 12-week plant-based weight management program. Also offered is a 4-week program to evaluate and fine-tune the nutrition of vegan/vegetarian children and an eCourse for plant-based families.

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Lives Impacted: 3,301

A Plant-Based Lifestyle has helped with:

Anxiety : 1,048 Arthritis : 749 Autoimmune disease : 499 Blood Pressure : 1,082 Cancer : 236 Cardiovascular Disease : 423 Cholesterol &/or Triglycerides : 1,296 Depression : 918 Digestive Health : 1,767 Energy Levels : 1,914 HGB A1C : 360 Pre-Diabetes : 405 Prescriptions : 519 Sexual Performance : 457 Skin Health Issues : 1,057 Sleep : 1,140 Type-2 diabetes : 203 Weight-loss : 1,826 Women's Health Issues : 587