Danielle Medina, Plant-Based Family Fitness and Fun


Join us for an exciting livestream “Plant-Based Family Fitness and Fun” featuring Danielle Medina, creator of Fit N Play Mama. Get ready to embark on a holistic journey towards living your best life alongside your family. Danielle’s expertise in fitness, nutrition, and education will inspire you to make positive changes and experience the transformative power of a plant-based lifestyle. Danielle Medina has always had a deep connection with movement and fitness, which led her to work in various fitness and yoga settings throughout her career. With Fit N Play Mama, she has taken her passion for both adult and children’s fitness and combined it with plant-based nutrition to create a unique approach that bridges the gap between generations. With her wealth of knowledge and certifications in fitness, nutrition, and yoga, Danielle is dedicated to empowering families to live a vibrant and wholesome life. Her qualifications include a B.S. in Food Science and Nutrition, certifications from reputable organizations such as Aerobic and Fitness Association of America, American Council of Exercise, and Karma Kids Yoga, as well as specialized training in prenatal and postpartum fitness, youth fitness, and plant-based nutrition. Connect with Danielle here: https://www.fitnplaymama.com/

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