Finding Healing and Harmony Through Plant-Based Nutrition


Back in 1981, nestled within the walls of Vancouver General Hospital, Dr. Michael Klaper stood at a pivotal crossroads in his life. After years in general practice, he was coming to a growing realization – traditional medicine was failing to truly heal his patients.

Michael Klaper as a young doctor in his early years of practicing medicine.
As a young boy growing up on his uncle’s dairy farm in Wisconsin, Dr. Klaper was drawn to caring for injured and sick animals. He wanted “everything to be okay with all the living beings around him.” This compassion formed the cornerstone of his approach to medicine.
For the young doctor of 1981, confronting the limitations of traditional medicine felt like a devastating blow. Disillusioned, he stepped away from general practice to anesthesiology, where he didn’t have to face this reality everyday.
Yet, this was just the beginning of Dr. Klaper’s inspiring journey. Unbeknownst to him, the wheels of change were already in motion, setting the stage for a full circle return to his foundational beliefs—this time, armed with new insights that would redefine his medical philosophy.

An Epiphany in the Operating Room

Dr. Klaper’s transformative journey began in the least likely of places—an operating room. “Day after day, I’m watching surgeons open their chest and pull out this yellow greasy gut called atherosclerosis from patients’ arteries,” he vividly describes.

The detrimental effects of the Standard American Diet on heart health were becoming increasingly undeniable. It etched a deep mark on his conscience, making him explore plant-based nutrition more earnestly.

More than just clinical observations, Dr. Klaper's journey was deeply personal. His own father's death due to clogged arteries haunted him in the silent spaces of those operating rooms.

“I know I have those genes,” he shared in an interview. “My left brain was flashing warning lights: ‘Adopt a plant-based diet before you end up on this operating table.'”

The Moment of Truth

Deeply compassionate from a young age, Dr. Klaper also had a keen interest in the
teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and the principle of ahimsa (non-violence).

A portrait of Dr. Michael Klaper, a leading advocate for whole food plant-based diets and integrative medicine
But the real moment of truth ​ came during an innocuous dinner conversation. One evening in Vancouver, while dining at the local Keg and Cleaver with a fellow anesthesia resident, Dr. Klaper found himself discussing the virtues of non violence as he enjoyed a porterhouse steak.

After a while, his friend looked at him with great compassion and said, “That’s all very nice, Michael, but if you want to get the violence out of your life, you might want to start with that piece of meat on your plate.”

Dr. Klaper never forgot those words. That night marked a lifelong shift in how he viewed diet and his own values.
A Transformative Diet

To his surprise, Dr. Klaper witnessed incredible health benefits on his new whole food plant-based diet (WFPB). Within just 12 weeks, he had lost significant amounts of belly fat and normalized his blood pressure and cholesterol.

“I was given insight into a very powerful healing force here,” he said. “I didn’t want to be an anesthesiologist anymore… I’d rather help them wake up.”

And so, Dr. Klaper went back to practicing general medicine, eager to heal his patients with the power of WFPB nutrition. Thus, the circle of life was complete, bringing him back to where he felt he could make the most significant impact.

Educating the Next Generation
Today, Dr. Klaper dedicates himself to teaching as much as treating. He passionately integrates nutritional education into medical training, aiming to empower future doctors with the knowledge to use WFPB diet as a preventive and healing tool.
Dr. Michael Klaper discussing the benefits of a plant-based diet with attendees at a health workshop
"The highest role of the physician is as a teacher," he asserts.
Advocacy and Impact

Dr. Klaper is the author of Vegan Nutrition: Pure & Simple, which has served as a foundational text for many exploring the health benefits of a WFPB diet.

Furthermore, he has produced numerous videos and webinars, and written dozens of articles for both scientific journals and the popular press, enriching the public’s understanding of health and nutrition.

Beyond his writings and teachings, Dr. Klaper has been an influential voice in the media. He played a key role in the production of two PBS television programs, Food for Thought and the award-winning movie Diet for a New America.

These contributions have not only spread his message about the benefits of plant-based diets but also addressed the urgent need to end animal cruelty worldwide.

Conclusion: Healing through Harmony:

At 76, Dr. Klaper embodies the health and vitality he preaches. He is the living proof of the life-enhancing benefits of a WFPB diet.

His approach to medicine blends a deep scientific understanding with a profound appreciation for nature and an unwavering commitment to promoting health and peace. He often says, “The harmony & happiness of all beings continue to be vital to me & I see my work as the art of creating & maintaining this harmony.”

Dr. Michael Klaper engaging with an audience during a wellness seminar on plant-based health.

By living a life dedicated to non-violence, Dr. Michael Klaper has fulfilled the dreams he had as a young boy — everything is finally okay with all the living beings around him.


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