Why Do We Love Some Animals and Not Others with Gareth Scurr


Why Do We Love Some Animals and Not Others? Where did our beliefs that eating chickens and pigs is ok, but not our dog or house cat come from? The term speciesism might be new to you, but it pervades almost every aspect of today’s society. Join Vegan FTA’s Gareth Scurr and Jackie Norman Saturday, February 18 at noon EST as they explore the origins of our beliefs around animals. They will also share heartwarming stories of special animal ambassadors who changed their thinking and food choices. Gareth Scurr is an acclaimed photographer and filmmaker, Vegan Hospitality Consultant and co-author of ‘Easy & Delicious: Everyday Vegan’ cookbook, which was awarded runner-up in the VegfestUK 2021 “Favourite Plant Based Book” awards.