Victoria Moran on “How to Advocate for Animals”


Victoria Moran, Main Street Vegan, “How to Advocate for Animals” Many are vegan strictly for the animals, but don’t know how to advocate so that others will follow suite. How can you take action that can make a difference? Long-time vegan, author, podcaster, filmmaker, and coach Victoria Moran, voted PETAs Sexiest Vegan Over 50, will talk about vegan philosophy and practice and how it extends to our love and compassion for all sentient beings. Victoria Moran went Vegan in 1983, overcame a binge-eating disorder, and wrote Compassion the Ultimate Ethic, the first book about Veganism published by a major publisher. She has written 12 additional books including Main Street Vegan, Creating a Charmed Life, Shelter for the Spirit, and The Love-Powered Diet. She was voted Peta’s Sexiest Vegan Over 50 in 2016, and was lead producer of the 2019 documentary, A Prayer for Compassion, about spirituality and food choices. After 10 years of hosting the award-winning Main Street Vegan Podcast: Victoria is now host of the Victoria Moran Podcast, Meetings With Remarkable Women.