The Convenient Truth, Glen Merzer


Do you really need to eat animal foods? Playwright, screenwriter, and author Glen Merzer says “It’s foolish in consideration of health, the environment, and the climate.” Glen Merzer has authored or co-authored eleven books with a vegan message. His latest book, Food Is Climate: A Response to Al Gore, Bill Gates, Paul Hawken, & The Conventional Narrative on Climate Change, argues that the only way to reverse climate change is to eliminate animal agriculture, rewild grazing land, and protect the oceans. Glen is also the author of Own Your Health an examination of role of nutrition in health, told with humor and with personal anecdotes. Glen began his career in non-fiction as co-author of well-known books including Mad Cowboy, with Howard Lyman, The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss, and Unprocessed with Chef AJ, as well as other books advocating plant-based eating.