Peter Goldstein, “Thrive and Inspire Through the Holidays”

I’m excited to welcome the founder of WeDidIt.Health, Peter Goldstein. I work directly with Peter to help vegans and plant-based individuals live in peace as they communicate effectively with others. WeDidIt.Health believes that being vegan is the ultimate solution for human health, climate healing and for conscious animal compassion. Our vision is for a healthy, happy vegan world To achieve this vision, our mission is to implement inter-personal communications tools and strategies to inspire others to change their lifestyle. Our strategy is to nurture a community that will support vegan/plant-based ambassadors with training, education, conversations, emotional wellbeing, and resource curation. Our strategy to grow the community by partnering with other organizations who have a similar vision and whose work we can complement with our unique strategy. Peter and I will be discussing how to thrive and inspire during the holiday season with friends and families.