Just 1 Thing 4 Health [Lee Crosby, RN, LD] Root causes of Breast Cancer-Readily available Cure

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Hippocrates Docs is excited to have Lee Crosby, RD, LD, Nutrition Education Program Manager with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine as a contributor to the Just 1 Thing 4 Health Breast Cancer Prevention Challenge Series. Her life experiences have helped Lee to be strong on her journey of life beyond the cancer diagnosis. In her challenge video, Lee shares startling statistics that not only awaken your knowledge of some of the root causes of breast cancer, but solutions for prevention that are readily available to each of us. Lee enjoys using plant-based nutrition to help patients lose weight in a body-positive way, prevent and reverse diabetes and heart disease, ease women’s health issues, and reduce breast cancer risk. Your Challenge: Swap out your glass of wine or cocktail for a MOCKTAIL. Grab some sparkling water, add a splash of grape juice or cranberry juice and finish it with a little wedge of lime. Hippocrates Docs and PCRM challenge you to join us in the Let’s Beat Breast Cancer Initiative. Implement these 4 steps to reduce the risks of Breast Cancer and to help in healing: choose plant-based foods, exercise, limit alcohol, and aim for a healthy weight.