Just 1 Thing 4 Health [Dr. Yolanda Wade] How Cruciferous vegetables reduces Breast Cancer risk?

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Hippocrates Docs is proud to welcome Dr. Yolanda Wade who returns to share with us that not only is breast cancer the leading cause of cancer in women worldwide, it is the leading cause of cancer death in women worldwide. Only 10 to 15% of breast cancer incidents are actually inherited, meaning 80% are related to modifiable risk factors, like: being overweight, obesity, smoking, moderate to excessive alcohol intake, and a host of dietary factors like high sugars in the diet, high saturated fats, high intake of red meats, low intake of vegetables, fruits, and other fiber in the diet, and low physical activity. In her challenge video, Dr. Wade shares what cruciferous vegetables are, why they are important, what illnesses they can shut off. She challenges us to set SMART goals as we consciously work our way to having two servings of crucifers in our daily diet. Your Challenge: Welcome a good Two Timer that protects your breasts. Add two servings of cruciferous vegetables in your daily diet. Embrace this good Two Timer that protects your breasts and does a lot of other good things inside your body. Hippocrates Docs and PCRM challenge you to join us in the Let’s Beat Breast Cancer Initiative. Implement these 4 steps to reduce the risks of Breast Cancer and to help in healing: choose plant-based foods, exercise, limit alcohol, and aim for a healthy weight.