Informational Session on Master Vegan Communications


Join Dr. Angela Crawford and Mariquita Solis to discuss the upcoming 10 week weDIDit.Health program, Master Vegan Communication. Author and vegan psychologist Clare Mann has partnered with psychologist and Vegan Transformation Coach Angela Crawford, Ph.D. and Vegan Empowerment Coach Mariquita Solis of weDIDit.Health in creating a new live, interactive course, Master Vegan Conversations: 10 Weeks to Compassionate, Confident Communication. This interactive master class expands on Mann’s popular, long-running Vegan Voices online course. The course includes interactive discussions and break-out groups for reflection and practice so participants can emerge more empowered and equipped to share this lifesaving and planet-saving information with others. Discussion topics include:Handling strong emotions and defending choices Sharing your decisions and answering questions Social interactions and handling invitations to food-based activities Cultural and traditional expectations Diffusing conflict, and more.