Dr. Rizwan Bukhari, “Dr. Riz” Cardiovascular Disease & Nutrition

Cardiovascular Disease & Nutrition Can Heart Diseases be prevented, halted, or even reversed? Dr. Riz says “Yes it can.” Join us for a conversation with Dr. Rizwan Bukhari, “Dr. Riz”, a board-certified vascular surgeon who promotes food as medicine in preventing, halting, and sometimes, reversing heart disease. He will answer these questions and more: 1. What is cardiovascular disease & the consequences long term? 2. What are the risks factors? 3. How can you reduce your risks for cardiovascular disease? Dr. Riz became board-certified in Lifestyle Medicine in 2019 and is committed to improving his patient’s health and quality of life with lifestyle recommendations using the six pillars of lifestyle medicine. He founded the North Texas Vascular Center, offering diagnostic services and minimally invasive outpatient procedures to prevent amputation and limb salvage. Dr. Riz also hosts a segment on Healthy Lifestyle Solutions podcast titled DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE, where he educates listeners on the risk factors associated with chronic diseases.