Clare Mann, How to Turn Vystopia into Powerful Action for Change


How to Turn Vystopia into Powerful Action for Change If you have found it difficult to advocate for change or explain the benefits of veganism, then join us as Clare Mann shares how to move from anguish to action. Clare Mann is a vegan psychologist, existential psychotherapist, author and communications trainer. She helps vegans all over the world transmute the anguish of Vystopia into powerful action for change. She is the author of numerous books, including, Vystopia: The Anguish of Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World (2018), Myths of Choice: Why People Won’t Change and What You Can Do About It (2019) and Communicate: How to Say What Needs to be Said, When It Needs to be Said, in the Way It Needs to be Said (2013). As a passionate animal rights campaigner, she provides skills training to help vegans and animal advocates communicate more effectively, and animal welfare organizations collaborate for increased effectiveness. She will address: – The term “Vystopia” and how to move from anguish to action – Identify why people won’t change and what you can do about it – Improve your communication when talking about veganism Clare has spoken at festivals and conferences in over twenty countries and is a contributor to the soon-to-be-released documentary Compassion in Action: Bringing the Elixir Home. Clare co-created the Sydney Vegan Club 30-day Challenge and the free Vegan Voices 30-Day online training to help vegans communicate veganism more effectively and has several online programs to help them improve their relationships and personal development.