World Food Healer’s Day


We are excited to welcome Alison Hamje and Rebecca Allen of Climate and Food Healers! Alison began living in intentional residential community 64 years ago, and this single thread is woven through and through, whether in New Brunswick, Guatemala, Peru, Chicago, raising foster children in Florida, with the Quakers in New York, or now as co-founder of WisdomHaus, a residential and intentional vegan service model of co-homing. She is an avid urban edible landscaper. She is a proponent of adoption. She is also part of Vega the cow’s Climate Healers MOOvement, working together with a multiplying number of other Climate Healers to create a vegan world by 2026. Rebecca “BJ” Allen, a Central Texas resident, is a Certified Climate Healer, and supporter of the Rancher Advocacy Program. She is also Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition and founder of Immune Boosters, who provides veggies weekly to various non-profits. She’s a retired teacher, a United Nations Envoy for the San Marcos UU Fellowship and board member of the UU Animal Ministry. She is one of the organizers of Climate Healers for Vegan Convergence of the Peoples! Convergence, V-COP11 and promoter of World Food Healers Day on Nov. 19, 2022. BJ is an activist for Animal Advocacy, the Earth, and Veganism worldwide. Currently, BJ enjoys the companionship of two elder canines, eleven cats, and occasionally finds time for gardening. Climate Healers is enthusiastically implementing World Food Healers Day, Saturday, Nov 19, 2022. This is an outstanding opportunity for you to increase the scope of your vegan outreach. On World Food Healers Day, we aim to feed one billion people a healthy, nutritious, whole-foods, plant-based Universal meal to demonstrate that we together have the capacity to eradicate hunger while experiencing the power of healing foods. Global hunger is a choice we make three times a day when we consume animal products since our domestic animals consume almost FIVE times as much food as all humans do. Yet the mainstream discourse on global hunger fails to connect the dots beyond COVID, Climate and Conflict to the root underlying cause, which is animal agriculture. We’ve shown that animal agriculture is the leading cause of Climate change, responsible for at least 87% of greenhouse gas emissions on an annual basis. The answer is for the world to stop eating animals and animal secretions and to start making access to free, healthy whole-foods plant-based vegan meals a basic human right. Not only will this allow people to produce ample food locally for their own consumption, but it will also tackle climate change and global hunger holistically. World Food Healers Day is strategically scheduled for the day after the UN Climate Change COP-27 meeting in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. Therefore, it is mainly intended to put pressure on our world leaders to get serious about the root causes of climate change and stop ignoring the Cow in the Room. The purpose of World Food Healers Day is to raise global awareness and initiate massive global action in relation to the interconnected challenges of earth’s climate and ecology breakdown, animal agriculture, food distribution and global hunger.

Lives Impacted: 3,301

A Plant-Based Lifestyle has helped with:

Anxiety : 1,048 Arthritis : 749 Autoimmune disease : 499 Blood Pressure : 1,082 Cancer : 236 Cardiovascular Disease : 423 Cholesterol &/or Triglycerides : 1,296 Depression : 918 Digestive Health : 1,767 Energy Levels : 1,914 HGB A1C : 360 Pre-Diabetes : 405 Prescriptions : 519 Sexual Performance : 457 Skin Health Issues : 1,057 Sleep : 1,140 Type-2 diabetes : 203 Weight-loss : 1,826 Women's Health Issues : 587