Tricia Shields, Nurturing the Innate Seed Within Our Children Through Compassion


There’s a lot that goes into raising a child, but it isn’t all academics, sports, and achievement. What about the enduring qualities of compassion? Join us as we talk with Tricia Shields of Compassion Rising as she shares her work in creating a vegan-based childcare program and her work with families. You’ll learn: *Why nurturing the innate seed of compassion within our children from birth is so important. *Different ways to get the vegan message into the world through our children. * How to nurture the seed of compassion that our children are born with Compassion Rising’s mission is to provide families, as well as childcare programs, with a trusted space to develop their emotional intelligence, strengthen their sense of compassion and empathy, and deepen their connection with themselves, all living beings, and this planet we call home. Offering a platform for like-minded, compassionate humans to connect and bond as vegans in a non-vegan world. A place where children are taught the beauty of their very creation and how to transcend that beauty into an Awakening of the human species. From a renowned Kindness and Empathy based curriculum to guidance from Vegan Experts like Dr. William Tuttle and Dr. Angela Crawford, as well as mindfulness teachings including Yoga and meditation, Compassion-based diet guidance and so much more, Tricia aims to change the way we look at childcare in the world. Or as Gandhi once said, “To be the change we wish to see in the world”.