Are you frustrated when others put up excuses to avoid making the switch? Do you feel demotivated at times, because friends and loved ones seem discouraging about your plant-based lifestyle? Do you wonder if you’re going to go through this journey by yourself? You’re not alone. We have all experienced these challenges in some way or the other, and some of us have overcome these challenges through personal accomplishments. Join us in the free event series based on our e-book “Plant-Based for Health – 7 best practices to inspire loved ones to go plant-based”. Our third event of 4 in the series is – “BECOME A ROLE MODEL TO PRODUCE CHANGE – Show, don’t just tell and share compelling documentaries.” In this event, we talk about what it means to show others the benefits of a healthy plant-based lifestyle. Stepping up as a role model, and achieving what others only dream of, is a great way to inspire people to get curious about your “secret sauce”. Dr. Angela Crawford a licensed psychologist with 24 years of experience and vegan educator, the author of “Plant-Based for Health – 7 best practices to inspire loved ones to go plant-based” will delve deep into how you can become a true example of what your lifestyle offers and stay motivated in the process. She will also explain why documentaries can be a powerful tool to enlighten others to become more conscious about what they put in their body. To learn more about her work, visit: The event will be led by Peter Goldstein, the founder of weDIDit.Health, a passionate plant-based leader on a mission to inspire more people to go plant-based to benefit health, animal justice and climate healing. Our expert guest, Dr. Akil Taher, underwent angioplasty at fifty-six, open-heart surgery at sixty-one, and then miraculously completed his first half marathon less than a year later. This is the remarkable and inspiring story of Dr. Akil Taher, who transformed from a middle-aged couch potato with a dangerously bad diet into a vital, energetic athlete, ever seeking new challenges and adventures. He shares more about his journey at our live event!

Lives Impacted: 3,301

A Plant-Based Lifestyle has helped with:

Anxiety : 1,048 Arthritis : 749 Autoimmune disease : 499 Blood Pressure : 1,082 Cancer : 236 Cardiovascular Disease : 423 Cholesterol &/or Triglycerides : 1,296 Depression : 918 Digestive Health : 1,767 Energy Levels : 1,914 HGB A1C : 360 Pre-Diabetes : 405 Prescriptions : 519 Sexual Performance : 457 Skin Health Issues : 1,057 Sleep : 1,140 Type-2 diabetes : 203 Weight-loss : 1,826 Women's Health Issues : 587