Love-based Animal Activism with Bobby Sud


Can a few fleeting minutes outside a truck full of pigs make a difference? Bobby Sud believes it can, especially to those beings who may never have experienced kindness. His philosophy is one of having no hate for anyone, acknowledging injustice for slaughterhouse workers as victims, and showing people that you can still be the same person you are if you switch to veganism. Join us Saturday, February 11 at 12 pm EST for our visit with Filmmaker & Cinematographer Bobby Sud as he explains: 1. The need for love-based activism 2. The power of bearing witness 3. How to avoid burnout Bobby is an animal photojournalist with We Animals Media, mentor with Animal Activism Mentorship and organizer for LA Animal Save & Animal Save Movement. He is working with Earthling director Shaun Monson, and currently directing a feature documentary with Moby.