Kate Kunkel, Your Gut and Your Brain: A Beautiful Team


Your Gut and Your Brain: A Beautiful Team Mental health and gut health are intimately connected;the health of one determines the health of the other. Join Kate Kunkel as she explains how this two-way street is the path to better health, and that it is never to early to look after your brain! Kate is a passionate vegan who teaches midlife men and women how to adopt a vegan lifestyle in order to protect their brains from dementia while improving their memory and mental health. She will share: · How a whole-food vegan diet is the best way to improve gut health · Simple ways to get started · Mental health is intimately tied to spiritual health and a vegan diet’s impact She brings twenty years of sound therapy, vegan nutrition, and mindfulness teaching plus a decade of research and coaching in brain regeneration to help clients take control of their health and their future. Kate dispels the myths that prevent people from making the changes that are necessary and guides them to a brain-healthy lifestyle. Kate believes that it is never too early to look after your brain, but it can become too late.