How Food is Produced and How it Affects Your Health Part 1

Camila Perussello, PhD, is an extensively published award-winning Food Engineer who has worked as a scientist and food-industry consultant in different parts of the world. Dr. Perussello is an expert in food formulation design, food processing, and valorization of raw ingredients and agri-food by-products. Her academic research and food-consulting services aim at accelerating a sustainable and humane food system. Learn more about her work at In this six-episode series, we will explore truths and myths about food production with food scientist Dr. Camila Perussello, PhD. The series will cover a wide range of topics, from food manufacturing to the impact of our diet on health, sustainability, and social justice. Across the episodes, you will learn how to understand expiration dates, nutrition facts labels, food additives, and the processing methods used in the food industry. You will also discover how to boost your health and well-being while making a positive change for animals and the planet through a whole food plant-based diet. Finally, we will discuss the future of food, including novel ingredients and food technology trends. You will come away educated with a wealth of science-based information and real-life examples to make the most of your food choices.