Dr. Angela Crawford, “Speaking From the Heart: Keys to Effective Communication for Vegans”


Speaking from the Heart: Keys to Effective Communication for Vegans Angela Crawford, Ph.D. Many of us go through different stages in our journeys as vegans or plant-based lifestylists. Sometimes, in the beginning, our biggest challenge is how to sustain our plant-based lifestyle and stay true to our values in a world that is not yet vegan. Then, as we discover vegan meals that we love, and learn the practical skills to handle challenging situations, we can really thrive on our vegan journey. And somewhere along the way, as we realize the global impact of our food choices on human health, mental health, and the well-being of animals and the planet, many of us long to inspire others to join us on this plant-based path for the flourishing of all. Wherever you are on this continuum, communication is key to thriving and inspiring as a vegan. This presentation will touch on the challenges we face in communicating with others and will identify effective communication approaches so that we can thrive in our vegan lifestyle, and hopefully inspire others to join us along the way.