Compassion in Action with Linda Middlesworth


If you love animals and want to help animals besides not eating them, how do you make a difference? Join us as Linda Middlesworth presents Compassion in Action.… A vegan for over 35 years, Linda is the organizer for the Sacramento Vegan Society, Get Healthy LIVE, Get Healthy Sacramento, Go Compassionate LIVE, and Go Sustainable LIVE events focusing on health, animal advocacy and climate change. In this special animal focused presentation Linda will share: 1.The Ways Animals are Treated 2. Inspire You to Find Your Path to Helping Animals 3. Know Your Truth and Find an Additional Purpose in Life Linda is a VeganMentor health coach under, a Food for Life Nutrition and Cooking Instructor through PCRM, and co-owner, a vegan dog food business that she and her late husband, David, launched 16 years ago so dogs could benefit from a healthy, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly dog food. Linda is also a Personal Trainer, and an Aerobics Instructor for California Family Fitness. She remains an active animal rights activist for PETA, DXE, Sacramento Animal Rights, and Sacramento Animal Save Movement with awards too numerous to list. Join us!