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Have you experienced this familiar scenario? Your vitality and well-being improve dramatically, prompting others to ask, “What’s your secret?” Yet, as you excitedly unfold the potential of a vegan & plant-based lifestyle – health, animal welfare, and global sustainability – you’re met with skepticism. It’s disheartening to witness loved ones suffer from preventable health issues while advocating for positive transformation.

But you’re not on this journey alone. At wedidit.Health, Our vision is for a healthy, happy vegan & plant-based world and we are starting with our own community. In it, we have over 150 Certified Ambassadors and countless passionate individuals to support you in the form of groups, courses, content, events and more!

Let’s empower minds and foster change together to design a world brimming with health, happiness, and compassion, driven by vegan & plant-based living. Take the step to amplify your impact as an ‘ProActive-ist’, and let’s together create a healthy, happy, well-fed vegan world!

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It’s very simple, here’s how it works:

  1. Generate an URL and share it where you want on your website.
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  3. The customer makes a purchase on Wedidit Health.
  4. You earn 20% of the product purchased.

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Yes! Click “Creatives” tab of your Affiliate Area and you’ll see many banners that you can add anywhere on your website.

Also, you can create your own banner, you only need to add your affiliate link of the “Affiliate URLs” tab.

Absolutely! Since the affiliate’s ID is stored in a cookie, the affiliate is tracked across all pages on the site. If the customer visits any other page of our website and purchases, you’ll receive a commission.

The cookie’s expiration is 90 days.

Note, a user may clear their browser cookies at any time, in which case the affiliate will no longer be tracked.

Payments are sent out at the end of each calendar month. It will be transferred automatically Only when the balance is $100.00 or more. If referral balance is less then 100$, you can request for a payout from our contact page, we will process it manually at the end of the month.
Payments are only made through PayPal. Therefore, you must have a valid PayPal email address assigned to your account to receive any payment.

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Lives Impacted: 3,300

A Plant-Based Lifestyle has helped with:

Anxiety : 1,047 Arthritis : 749 Autoimmune disease : 499 Blood Pressure : 1,082 Cancer : 236 Cardiovascular Disease : 423 Cholesterol &/or Triglycerides : 1,296 Depression : 917 Digestive Health : 1,767 Energy Levels : 1,913 HGB A1C : 360 Pre-Diabetes : 405 Prescriptions : 519 Sexual Performance : 457 Skin Health Issues : 1,057 Sleep : 1,140 Type-2 diabetes : 203 Weight-loss : 1,826 Women's Health Issues : 586