Share Your Success Story

One way to interest others in the Vegan & WFPB lifestyle is by sharing your personal success story and reading about other’s successes too. Psychologists call it Social Proof and we rely on it every day, whether it is a restaurant review, or recommendation for a new dentist. Share your story here, it may be just the one that inspires someone to try Vegan & WFPB living for themselves. No win is too small! Did adopting this way of life result in a drop in blood pressure, or being able to stop taking a medication? How about feeling more energetic, sleeping more soundly, no more headaches, or losing weight? Those are all wins! Share them here. For the Animals and the Planet Don’t forget the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are doing your part to spare animals from needless suffering or preventing further damage to the planet.
Here is a fun way to calculate how many animals you’ve saved by eating Vegan & WFPB. It also gives you a stats on saving water, forested land, and CO2. These are all wins for our fellow earthlings.
Share your story here, then invite your friends and loved ones who may be curious how Vegan & WFPB living are benefiting others and the animals we share this fragile planet with to this page.