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Kyle L

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When did you switch to the vegan/plant-based diet?

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Thirty six years ago, I would have died. I was only 44 years old and had just been diagnosed with severe heart disease, high blood pressure, Thyroid Cancer, pre diabetes and I was almost 55 lbs. overweight. I was an aerobic instructor teaching 25 classes of aerobics per week. I thought I was eating a healthy diet of chicken, cheese, yogurt and ice cream. Luckily for me, my then new neighbor told me about Dr. John McDougall and I read his book. I could not believe that his patients were all getting over cancer, heart disease, diabetes and all chronic diseases. I jumped right in and never went back for more radiation and now I have perfect health. I just had to change to a starch based, whole food plant exclusive diet without oil. Now, at 80 I have great health and energy and still teach aerobics.

Vegan 8 years. Living it with my family of three!

I will share only one of the many benefits a WFPB diet gave me. For over 15 years I strenuously trained in those chi kung and tai chi exercises without ever being able to settle and build up, harness and circulate my mind/energy/chi throughout my body in a natural, easy and smooth way. All this started to change when I adopted a WFPB lifestyle almost 4 years ago 🙂 I can now teach what I learned, finally…

I’m a 63 year-old male, 22 or better BMI most of my life and I’ve had atrial fibrillation for 32 years. The AF started as paroxysmal and had become permanent in the past ten years or so. About 8 months ago I stated having angina, I had 225 total cholesterol and 133 LDL and was pre-diabetic. I could no longer hike the mountains around my home that I loved and instead hiked a bit and read a book in the forest. Four months ago, an angiogram showed 50-60% blockage in my LAD. Thankfully, no stent was needed but I changed to a WFPB, no oil lifestyle and within the first two weeks lost the angina, after two months I had 126 Total Cholesterol and 58 LDL (without statins), in the “heart-attack” proof category and am so relieved. I’m again able to hike mountains that I’ve not done for at least ten years. I follow Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s advice closely and am very thankful to a friend who got off his medications after a triple bypass following this lifestyle who shared this information with me. I’ve had a steady heart rate and minimal AF as revealed by an EKG two months after my angiogram. I have more energy, sleep better, have better skin around my back (no little bumps), my gums have healed very quickly after a tooth extraction, recovery after my long hikes that would have taken three or four days now happens overnight. I’m no longer pre-diabetic and my blood sugar is normal even as I stopped taking Metformin. I’m still on medication for my AF and a blood thinner but am hopeful that these can be reduced or stopped when I see my cardiologist in another four months. I feel as if I’m in my thirties again and would love to have others improve their health as well with this simple (but not easy) lifestyle change.

About 3 years ago I picked up a book from the Costco book stand. It was Dr. Greger’s How Not to Die. It was such an easy read that I read it real quick then I started making the recipes. I was pre diabetic at the time and obese, but little by little I started implementing Dr. Greger’s recipes and reading more and more health books, like Chef AJ’s The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss and many others. Soon I lost ten pounds and have kept them off but I am still struggling to lose weight because I have a hard time sticking to the plan on the weekend. I am a work in progress but I truly love taking better care of myself and eating healthy, wholesome food. I am no longer pre diabetic and my blood pressure has gone down. My Triglycerides went down too. I am very happy about that!

I was pre-diabetic and not overweight and only 55. I wanted to lose a few pounds and stop eating sugar. A friend got me listening to the food revolution summit and those interviews kept me motivated to eat better. I’m order to stay motivated I wanted to keep listening and being educated. That’s when I found the PlantStrong podcast that I now listen to everyday. I’ve lost 13 pounds, which was a lot for me and I feel great. I REALLY want to find a way to help others change their lifestyle now.

I was pre-diabetic and not overweight and only 55. I wanted to lose a few pounds and stop eating sugar. A friend got me listening to the food revolution summit and those interviews kept me motivated to eat better. I’m order to stay motivated I wanted to keep listening and being educated. That’s when I found the PlantStrong podcast that I now listen to everyday. I’ve lost 13 pounds, which was a lot for me and I feel great. I REALLY want to find a way to help others change their lifestyle now.

All my life ive been overweight. Heart disease and high cholesterol seems to plague the majority of family members. Switching to a WFPB diet has made it possible for me to maintain a 100 lb weight loss for over 6 years. Also, I’ve lowered my A1c from 6.2 to 5.4 and my cholesterol from 289 to 190.
An added plus is my grocery bill. I can buy staples like rice and beans in bulk and some variety of greens and fruit are almost always on sale at my local grocery store.
People see my before snd after pictures and always say it doesn’t look like the same person.

I was tired of being tired, so i switched to a plant based an diet & i feel great!

Since 11/7/21 I have lost 26 lbs , had zero alcohol(102 days) , walked 40000 steps every day, started meditation 1 h minimum per day, ate wfpb no oil , no restaurant food, semi retired and most importantly have started enjoying healthy lifestyle! My waist now is 27.5 inches and bmi 19.7 ! I used to be on two BP meds and still BP was running 130. Now I am off all BP meds and this was BP this morning! It has been running below 106 consistently! I highly recommend this lifestyle! Go wfpb no oil !

I had pretty high blood pressure but I was refusing to go on medication for it. Went plant based in 2015 after watching “Forks & Knives” on TV. In 2016 tightened it up better by following Dr. Joel Fuhran’s Nutritarian eating plan to forever protect myself from cardiovascular disease. Never felt better at the now age of 75 years young!

��� January, 1st 2022 marks 5 years �being VEGAN� for me!

This wasn’t an easy decision at first. My friend Keya Maria who educated me about the meat & dairy industry since about 2014/2015 truly opened my eyes. I remember thinking there is no way I will ever give up my meat and cheese ! Every meal I had involved either meat or cheese. I always felt sluggish though and sick. Many stomach issues and gallbladder problems and not even to mention I was on 5 meds for all kinds of issues. Cholesterol, blood pressure, thyroid, anxiety, acid reflux you name it I had it.

Then in December 2016 for Christmas we went back to Germany �� I stuffed myself with every possible sausage at the Christmas markets I could and I felt so sick, I finally told myself I needed to make a change. By then Jamie had also set me up with an instagram account early 2016 and Oh my gosh everytime I logged on I would see these horrible videos and pictures of slaughter houses. I was shocked to see how disconnected I was where my meat actually came from! I kept looking away. I told her on New Year’s Eve 2016 in my parents living room I’m going vegan tomorrow 1 January 2017! Jamie said “ok mom” it was her typical “ yeah ok mom you will never last” well …. I did ❤️

I feel much healthier and happier and it has significantly improved my anxiety, mental and overall health. I’m down to taking only one pill � now for my thyroid no other meds.

It was for sure a big learning curve with what i could eat but over the past five years there are so many options when it comes to vegan products. I am trying to eat 90% Whole Food Plant Based but still eat out at vegan restaurants and have my “burger or sandwich”. I also signed up for Forks over Knives meal plan that provides me with easy to make recipes a week and options to meal prep which come in handy with my busy schedule for sure.

I personally became a #vegan because I simply couldn’t in good conscience be involved in anything any longer that caused or contributed to animal suffering. I love animals and not just my dog so I don’t want them to suffer. Vegans have vastly reduced rates of cancer and heart disease and diabetes and erectile dysfunction… � yup it’s true � watch the documentary the “Game Changers”, “What the Health” which can be found on Netflix and Dr Gregers Book “How not to die” all of these are eye opening! All based on science � �

Animal agriculture isn’t just destroying billions (!)and billions of animals a year and causing unspeakable suffering for billions and billions of innocent creatures, it is also ruining our climate and destroying our rain forests and killing us and our oceans.

My skin always used to look gray and dull my hair always had no shine to it and now I feel like a spring chicken again ! There are so many starter websites now for becoming vegan and some even offer advice from nutritionists for FREE! Yes FREE! It hasn’t been an easy journey at first but now I will never go back eating any animals until the day I die . ��� ������� #veganversary

I feel better than I did in my 40’s!!! Im no longer pre diabetic.

PS: I am also very proud of my daughter Jamie for being so compassionate � and creating her own vegan Honey company Humble Honee ♥️ And standing up for what she believes in❣️She has lost over 20 lbs since going vegan

I’m 65 and I find that I still have a lot of energy. I do vigorous hiking and I still love competitive sports.


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